Travel with Alaine
Travel with Alaine
A complex Third Culture Kid with a lot of stories. Food, Wine, Dance, Travel, & lots of Coffee!
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Third Culture Kid and Expat chronicles

I am a Third Culture Kid (TCK) turned Expat Global Nomad... Growing up straddling cultures, countries, identities hasn't been easy. "Where are you from?" is a question that eludes me. I don't know how to answer. Here are some of the links from some of the previous posts about my life as a TCK and TCK spotlight series. Check out the Chameleon Blog for more!

Why I started Travel Blogging: I'm a third culture kid

A third culture kid (TCK) is a person who has grown up in different countries and cultures therefore developing cultural traditions as a mixed salad of different cultures as opposed to feeling rooted in just one. A hybridity of cultures.


TCK Identity: I have never been a local anywhere

I have lived in a number of places, traveled and revisited places where I know the streets, BUT I have never been a local anywhere. I have lived in a number of places, traveled and revisited places where I know the streets, BUT I have never been a local anywhere.


TCK Identity: Leaving it all behind and in search for home

Its important to be able to have a proper farewell to the places and faces we once loved. 


The TCK Identity is ambiguous

I have an ambiguous identity of a Third Culture Kid. There's quite a lot of nationalistic pride these days in the world and the more I shy away creating a strong stance on any of the particular countries I have either an affiliation, lived in before, traveled many times to and totally enamoured with because I don't understand nationalistic pride.


Looking back.... Neither Here Nor There film

Throwback to when Director and Documentary Filmmaker, Ema Ryan Yamazaki interviewed me and 5 other New York City based third culture kids (at that time) for her documentary thesis film at NYU film school.


#TCKCHAT chronicles: The TCK & Dating 

I have been volunteering my time to co-host #TCKCHAT on Twitter with some fabulous TCK folks.


Always flying

A poem about traveling and flight that I wrote


Why you should absolutely date a woman who travels

There was a blog post that has been making its rounds that is titled "Don't date a girl who travels" written by Adi Zarsadias. I shared this post on my facebook wall and it created a little bit of anxiety among my fellow single women travelers. I can see why it would cause some panic. I think the author of this post has cleverly scripted some reverse psychology. 


The Best Books for Third Culture Kids

Here's my list of best books for Third Culture Kids


The hardest thing about being a TCK

When your friends are scattered all over the world. Long distance friendships and relationships are hard. You're always missing a places and faces.


Digital Nomadism for this TCK

I wrote a poem titled:

A vicious cycle for a TCK: Packing up, Unpacking, Moving, Transporting, Goodbyes and Hellos

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