The best Fika pairing: Chokladbollar and Coffee

Nothing pairs better than a cup of black coffee with a chokladbollar on the side...

Fika with black coffee and chokladbollar at  Koppi cafe  in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Fika with black coffee and chokladbollar at Koppi cafe in Helsingborg, Sweden.

What is Fika?

The Swedes have an equivalent to the British afternoon tea break but instead they have a coffee break in the middle of the afternoon. Swedish offices and companies are known to have mandated Fika breaks in the afternoon. Typically lasting about an hour and its best done with friends. Swedes take a fikapaus for a refresher and it is actually really good for the brain. Though I did not grow up with this, I have adopted the fikapaus for my life. Most of the time I take a fikapaus on my own with a cup of black coffee paired with a little piece of chocolate but my favorite is when I meet up with friends for Fika and we share a piece of cake. Its important to take a mid-afternoon break to recharge or reconnect with people. Some workplaces in Sweden and Finland actually have mandated fikor (plural Fika breaks) and its not an option to not take a break. 

Something sweet washed down with a cup of black filter coffee is the perfect pairing. 

Chokladbollar comes in different sizes from the small truffle sized balls to the size of a softball. My favorite size of chokladbollar is a small-medium palm sized ball with rich dark cocoa and coffee flavors. Not too sweet, not too bitter, just right. Or shall we say lagom. Lagom, is a Swedish word for all things in balance. Not too much, not too little, just right. 

Fika around the world! 

I travel quite often and one of my favorite activities is to stop into a cafe and take a fikapaus to recharge and watch the local residents. Its a nice cultural activity to see how people behave. Do they rush around and live in their bubble or do they do as the Swedes do; get a cup of coffee with a little sweet snack and sit down? 

Where is your favorite spot to take a fika break?