Chokladbollens Dag i Sverige: Chocolate Ball day in Sweden
Chokladbollens Dag

Did you know that there's an entire day celebrating Chokladbollar in Sweden?

Yes, there is a day just celebrating the chokladbollar on May 11th every year. Swedes have a penchant for celebrating certain food days and there is one just for eating inordinate amounts of chokladbollar. I am quite excited for this year's chokladbollens dag because I am cohosting an event at Ebbas Fik in Helsingborg, Sweden along with Swedish blogger behind Skitgott.

A chokladbollar competition.

Bring along two batches of your best classic chokladbollar (either with coconut or pearl sugar toppings) AND a variation of your best and exotic chokladbollar. The winner of the competition will get some lovely prizes from us! Yes, there will be a batch of different sorts of chokladbollar from yours truly ;-)

And finally... because it is customary to eat chokladbollar on chokladbollens dag. We will also be hosting a chokladbollar eating competition. 

How many balls can you eat in one sitting?

No balls wasted. We want to see how many balls you can eat in a timed competition. 

For more information about the event and to sign up: visit our Facebook event invite 

(Of course, if you just want to come and see the competition you are more than welcome to join us to cheer our contestants along!)