Strawberry fields forever...Strawberry fields of chokladbollar

Summer is fresh berries and the strawberries are just so juicy and beautiful... 

I have been surrounded with beautiful fresh berries this summer so of course I have been stuffing chokladbollar and creating recipes using the freshest berry produce that I could find. 

I'm going to share with you the strawberry stuffed chokladbollar I made recently at my editor's house in NL. She and her family grow fresh herbs in the patio so we grabbed some fresh lemon verbena to turn into a nice tea that would go into the chokladbollar mixture. 

lemon verbena tea

Using the freshest ingredients and what is local is always exciting when I am working on the road with creating new recipes and combinations for all kinds of chokladbollar. The strawberry chokladbollar I created was a perfect example of that. 

These looked so good when I put all the garnishes and melted chocolate. But chokladbollar tastes so good after its chilled in the fridge a bit. I recommend about an hour in the fridge but if you're going to eat them a day later, stick them in the freezer to retain all the flavors and set it out to defrost in the fridge for a couple hours before serving. After lovely dinner, I served these chokladbollar for dessert to my hosts. I had stuck these in the freezer through the afternoon so it was a bit frozen so I don't recommend doing that. If you're going to eat them the same day, stick them in the fridge. 

strawberry chocolate balls

It has been such a heatwave in Europe this summer, these strawberry stuffed chokladbollar are fresh, chocolate-y, gooey, and yet refreshing. Great for a post-lunch or post-dinner Fika. 



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