Chokladbollar ingredients: Specialty coffee

Coffee is an important ingredient... but how do you brew the perfect cup for making chokladbollar!?!

Coffee comes from different regions of the world and you can really experiment with different methods on how to brew a cup for your chokladbollar mixture. It really does make a difference whether you add an espresso, filter coffee, drip coffee, french press, aeropress, nespresso, etc. 

Stump town Coffee Roasters Hair Bender

Stumptown coffee

Hair Bender is the name of the blend. This is their best selling blend. My friend from Brooklyn brought me a bag and I'm totally hooked on their coffee. A medium roast with toffee notes. I think it is a good coffee for making chokladbollar. Stumptown Coffee roasters

Love Coffee Roasters coffee

Love Coffee Roasters

There's quite a trend for independent specialty coffee roasters in Sweden. Love Coffee Roasters is based in Lund, Sweden and the business started out with a passion and love for specialty coffee. Delivering their intense knowledge for the bean from different parts of the world. Love Coffee roasters

Vietnamese coffee

Phuoc Thanh

Vietnamese coffee… oh my gawd… If you have never tried the rich velvetiness of a typical drip Vietnamese coffee, you are missing out on the rich caramel chocolate flavors! Normally served with condensed milk but I like to drink this black. A friend of mine brought this tiny bag of beans from a trip and I savor every bean so much. (If you’re visiting Vietnam, please send me some!)

da matteo

Da Matteo

A roaster, bakery, and cafe all rolled into one. This local Gothenburg brand creates their Italian style coffee for the Swedish market. Nice dark earthy notes. They source their beans from ethical farms that treat employees well. Worldwide shipping on their website

We want more people to drink good coffee.
— Da Matteo
Warung Koffie Batavia

Warung Koffie Batavia

A bag of these Robusta beans was picked up on a trip to the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta at a Dutch colony inspired coffee shop. I knew Indonesian coffee was strong but this roast was perfectly dark, chocolate, velvet, butter, and caramel. If you’re ever in Jakarta, pick up a bag of their beans. Warung Koffie Batavia is a restaurant serving up rijsstafel (rice table) and other typical Indonesian dishes and snacks.

Bristot moka oro

Bristot espresso Italiano

My favorite espresso to get for my moka pot is this bag. The Italians are known for their espressos and quick jaunts to Milan, I’ve come to appreciate having a quick espresso break while standing up at the cafe counter as an efficient way to get my regular caffeine dosage if I don’t have time to sit down for a full Swedish fika break. This espresso is rich and velvety with an earthy aftertaste. Found at the Gastronomia deli and cafes in Singapore and available worldwide through their direct website: Boutique Bistrot