Chokladbollens Dag on May 11
White lemon dröm chokladbollar - the recipe is in my  book!

White lemon dröm chokladbollar - the recipe is in my book!

Chokladbollens Dag! Yes there is a day devoted to just chocolate balls in Sweden…

Every year on May 11th, Swedes celebrate chokladbollens dag by making chocolate balls and/or eating loads of chokladbollar. Last year, I was in Helsingborg at Ebbas Fik celebrating this lovely tradition by co-hosting an event with Pierre of and Ebba from Ebbas Fik. Because chokladbollar is such typical fika treat that most Swedish children learn to make with their grandparents, parents, or relatives at such a young age, I thought it would be fun to host a little “masterchef” competition.

People brought two different kinds of chokladbollar to the competition. 1) Classic 2) Their own creation

They looked so yummy and were so different in flavors!

It was really hard to choose a winner. We judged them based on appearance, smell, and taste as objectively as we could because everyone has their own personal preference on taste. The winning ball had an elegant appearance, fruity, light, sweet, and textured taste. I still remember that it tasted like a white chocolate apricot truffle.

What kinds of chocolates do you like? Milk, Dark, or White? Crunch or smooth?

After that competition we rounded up all the chokladbollar and put them in one large plate for the chocolate ball eating competition! Not wanting to contribute to the worlds’ food waste, we had an idea to have a timed chokladbollar eating competition.

The competition itself was a funny affair. In typical Swedish fashion, the contestants were very quiet and poker-faced during the competition. They stared at each other and made some snide remarks to each other to poke fun and deter each other but unlike an American eating competition where there would be shouting and cheering involved, everyone including spectators were very intent and quiet. I definitely had quite the cultural experience! :)

Would you join a chokladbollar eating competition?

You’re in luck! I will be cohosting another Chokladbollens dag event this year. This time, in Singapore! There will be a demo on how to make a bulle med bulle (ball with a bun), chokladbollar eating contest, and have some samples of chokladbollar.