15 Travel Blogs to watch: Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you for nominating my humble little blog Jaunting Journeys! 

Story of how I started:

I started Travel blogging as a way to document my travels and to inspire others through my stories to go out into the world and experience different places on their own. Because I have been traveling all my life, I needed an outlet to write personal insights on the places I've lived in, visited, and had a profound impact on my life. 

Advice to new bloggers:

Trust in your own voice. There's a lot of advice out there for newbie bloggers (and I consider myself still a newbie because the technical stuff is quite overwhelming!) and focus on what you do best then slowly add the advice that other more experienced bloggers give. Join Facebook discussion groups with other travel bloggers and follow their work. You will learn a lot! 

Nominations: I've met most of these bloggers and love their blogs! And handpicked them as bloggers whom I enjoy reading from regularly. They may not be participating in the Blogger Recognition Award thread but I chose them because they are ALL fantastic Travel Bloggers and wanted to highlight their blogs. :-)

1) What's Katie Doing?  I met Katie on one of my trips to London. She loves to travel for leisure and also for business. A passionate, super woman, with a penchant for negronis and love of gin. 

2) Just 24 Days  Reena is a friend of mine from my New York City days and fellow TCK/foodie/traveler. When she launched her fairly new blog, I was excited to read it. Her travel days are limited to the 24 days a year, hence the clever namesake.

3) Bel Around the World Isabel is a talented travel writer turned blogger. Her narratives take you to the location and immerses you into her experiences.

4) The Petite Wanderess Kristine is a yogi, designer, blogger, and wanderer who recently went to Stockholm and probably has wonderful pictures to share on her blog so I'll be on the lookout for that post!

5) Jewels Wandering Julie is a Third Culture Kid, expat, blogger who grew up in so many different countries and is continuing her adult life as an expat in Singapore. She likes to travel to pretty remote locations or unknown locations so check out her blog for travel inspirations!

6) WanderlustingK Karen is one of the moderators and an active member of the Female Travel Bloggers group on Facebook. I met up with her while I was in Amsterdam a few weeks ago at my favorite cocktail bar in Amsterdam, Vesper bar, which also happens to be one of her faves too! She's an American expat working full time and traveling all throughout Europe in her spare time as well as work trips on a budget.

7) Wanderlust Pockets Adriana is a Venezuelan graphic designer who has lived in Finland, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA. I was intrigued by her history of living in different places (like I have and we share some of the same countries as well!). Her pictures are stunning and her design background really shines through. A visually stunning blog and very personal anecdotes from her adventures of living in the US.

8) Wanderlusting Hippie  Chris is a traveler and global citizen who got her travel bug from working in different places throughout the US. She booked a one-way ticket to Bali and has been hooked with circumventing the globe. I really enjoyed her post about How to have more meaningful conversations  

9) The Sane Travel  Anita is an amazing photographer and one look at her blog and Instagram feed will give you serious travel-envy! I've been following her Instagram for quite a while now and she's quite a knowledgeable travel guide with lots of historic tidbits to share with her readers and followers.

10) Emma Eats and Explores. Emma is another travel blogging wine geek like me and I discovered her blog when she posted about studying wine from WSET as well. Snooping around on her blog and I notice that she's had some awesome wine trips that I'm going to bookmark because what better than to travel for love of wine and wine geek knowledge!

11) The Canadian Wanderer Charmaine is an Asian-Canadian wanderer and caught the travel bug when she studied abroad in Singapore. I was interviewed by her to talk about my third culture kid experience of growing up globally. Check it out: Experience of a Third Culture Kid

12) Intentional Expat Dr. Parks is a clinical psychologist and does individual and couples therapy. She has spent many years living abroad in Europe as an expat. Though this blog is not really about travel destinations it does highlight the affects of longterm travel that is useful for everyone. She also interviewed me about my experiences of growing up global as a TCK. Check it out: Meet Alaine: Life as an Adult Third Culture Kid

13) Packs Light Gabby is TCK Travel blogger and I interviewed her for my TCK spotlight series. An interesting young woman who has been traveling and grew up living in different countries. She has a series that highlights Millenial travelers because she wants to inspire other young adults to travel more.

14) 3rd Culture Kid  Anna is a Swiss third culture kid, travel blogger, and world traveler nomad just like me. Her posts are sometimes witty, informational, or personal memoirs. I always look forward to her posts. 

15) World Smith Danielle is a fantastic travel writer and blogger. She has some useful tips on working as a digital nomad and traveling. I was interviewed by her to talk about my experiences with travel and dance touring. She is such an eloquent writer and I loved her article! Featured WorldSmith: Dancer Alaine Handa



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